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In Jane’s compelling keynote address, she shares her keen business insight as well as gives audiences an inside look at the Donatos story.  

Keynote Overview

Donatos Pizza was founded in 1963 by 19-year-old Columbus, Ohio native Jim Grote who borrowed $1,300 and had a vision for a company that put customers first. Jim’s daughter, Jane Grote Abell, grew up in the family pizza business and had a front-row seat to Donatos humble beginnings, growing pains and remarkable success after over 50 years in business. Now, as Chairwoman of the Board, Abell is at the head of the table where this family’s business decisions are made. 

In her inspiring keynote, Jane shares the story of a classic American family business, including her insightful account of a lifelong education in leadership, authenticity and running a values-based company. Audiences will hear key learnings from her four decades of experience growing a small pizza shop on the Southside of Columbus into a company that eventually sold to the biggest restaurant company in the world – McDonald's. Jane shares insider stories from under the golden arches, how the family eventually bought the business back and the things she learned along the way. This keynote also touches on her experience on CBS's hit series Undercover Boss, her book THE MISSING PIECE: Doing Business the Donatos Way and Jane's signature "4C's of Success."

Keynote Learning Objectives:

  • Hear about Donatos sale to biggest restaurant company in the world—McDonald’s, and take away Jane’s signature “4C’s of Success” that she learned operating under the arches. 
  • Dive into Donatos culture and hear how Donatos executives have learned to work with Millennials and why they continue to hire associates beginning at age 14. Get insights into their completely revamped training program and how they've reduced their turnover rate by over 10 percent in the last 12-months.
  • Learn about creating a culture of giving and why "Being A Good Neighbor" is so important to the Donatos business model.