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Though Jane is heavily focused on Donatos’ mission of promoting goodwill through product, service, principles and people, since taking over as Chairwoman of the Board in 2010, Jane has had time to focus on work outside of Donatos. 


Because her roots trace back to the first store on Thurman Avenue on Columbus’ south side, she and her family remain committed to the area’s success. Evidence of this was the $1.5 million donation that the Grote family contributed to help a city plan to revive the South Parsons Corridor. She has been an advocate for this project from its inception in 2012 and founded the Reeb Avenue Center, a social-services center housing 13 non-profits that focus on education and workforce development. 

A portion of fees generated from Jane’s speaking honorarium and profits generated from the sale of The Missing Piece: Doing Business the Donatos Way will be donated to the Reeb Avenue Center or the Donatos Family Promise Fund. To learn more about the Reeb Avenue Center, visit


When translated, the name Donatos means, “To give a good thing.” Over the years Donatos has taken that mantra beyond the pizza oven and into the very heart and soul of the company. At Donatos, we help Associates in need because that’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us family.

The Donatos Family Promise Fund was established with the purpose of helping Associates in need of financial support. The fund is a true partnership – meaning anyone, at any level in the company, can contribute. Similarly, any Associate may complete a Promise Fund Request for their own need or on behalf of another.

Jane is passionate about the Donatos family and has committed to backing the Donatos Family Promise Fund in a variety of different ways. To learn more about The Donatos Family Promise Fund, please contact Tom Santor at